Security of blockchain

With FUTARIUM e-Sign, the audit trails are securely and reliably housed on blockchain, making it immutable, reliable and transparent. A self-contained evidence package can easily be searched and exported to either a stand-alone file or imported into an enterprise content management or record management system. The FUTARIUM e-Sign app will go a step further and capture additional evidence like GPS coordinates, and option of ID verification.

The blockchain works according to the rules set by its members. There is no need for a central decision-making body.
The blockchain can be consulted at any time by all blockchain members.
Operating data input on the blockchain is deemed secure owing to the stacking of the blocks.
The rules set by blockchain members via smart contracts allow for automatic settlement.
The blockchain records are immutable and cannot be altered.
Each blockchainparticipant has rights and obligations regarding the blockchain community.
Blockchain infrastructure keeps audit trail of each change, and nothing can be changed without leaving a footprint

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