FUTARIUM gives the possibility to try the system for FREE. The FREE account gives the opportunity to create 3 agreements and 3 certificates every month and there is no limit to the number of months that the user can keep the FREE subscription. It is therefore, advised that the user first registers for the FREE subscription and upgrades to the paid subscription only after being satisfied with the system. There will be no refund given by FUTARIUM as it gives ample opportunity to try the system before the user decides to go for the PAID subscription.

The user can cancel the subscription any time during the month and the subscription will be closed in the next month. The uploaded certificates will remain on the FUTARIUM blockchain even after the cancellation of the services by the user. The cancellation will stop the user from uploading new documents or the certificates to FUTARIUM. The FUTARIUM refund policy applies only to software purchased directly from FUTARIUM. For any services or systems bought through a Vendor will not be subject to this policy.

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