The blockchain based FUTARIUM e-signatures take care of the blind spots that exist in the traditionally signed documents.

With FUTARIUM e-Sign, the audit trails are securely and reliably housed on blockchain, making it immutable, reliable and transparent. A self-contained evidence package can easily be searched and exported to either a stand-alone file or imported into an enterprise content management or record management system. The FUTARIUM e-Sign app will go a step further and capture additional evidence like GPS coordinates, and option of ID verification.

How does it work?

  • SIGN
  • The creator of the agreement, certificate or the award can decide if the access can be public or private. Public access is good for Awards and Certificates and these can be verified directly by scanning the QR code through Futarium App or typing the document id on the Verify Now area of the website.
  • The signatories have the possibility of reading and signing the document after proper authentication and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the E-signatures, each time they sign.
  • Once the user is verified and the document has been shared, the document is presented to the signatory for reading, agreeing to the terms and conditions and then signing the document.
  • The system records the number of times the document has been accessed by the signatory or anyone with whom it has been shared. It also records the time and the IP from which it has been assessed. All such records are kept on the blockchain.
  • The order in which the document has to be signed is decided by the creator and the system ensures that this order is kept in the signing process. One can sign using the cursor, typing the name or using uploaded signatures.
  • Once the process is completed the document id along with the complete process details are uploaded on to the Futarium blockchain.
  • Once uploaded on the blockchain nothing can be tempered with. The blockchain keeps, immutable records which can be easily verified using our Verify Now button. Open verification can only be used if the creator has made the document public at the time of creation.
  • The final document with audit trail and the QR code is kept in the system and is available to signatories and the persons with whom it has been shared.Open verification is a better choice for awards and certifications

Core benefits of Futarium e-signatures

benefit-icon-1 Ease and speed of contracting

Digitising the entire contract process with a digital workflow allows greater consistency

benefit-icon-2 Removing the need for hard copy documents

No printing and scanning at all stages is more sustainable too

benefit-icon-3 Audit-ability of the transaction details

Clear, immutable and audit-able history of the signature process

benefit-icon-4 Admissibility in evidence

Electronic signatures are admissible in evidence in many countries including the USA, UK and the EU

benefit-icon-5 Reduced risk

The electronic authentication of the signatory and immutability of blockchain reduces risk.

benefit-icon-6 Environmental benefits

Zero use of paper is environmental friendly and supports sustainability.

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