Blockchain verified certificates and awards

With greater dependency on digitalised documentation and the need to communicate via online platforms, institutions have to ensure that their awards and certifications cannot be falsified easily. Futarium blockchain tackles this problem leading to greater transparency and trust. Blockchain can solve the existing problem of verifying the validity of digital assets such as a picture of your birth certificate, your academic qualifications and awards.

The Aim Of Futarium

aim-icon-1 Prevent Forged Certificates

Fake certificates are on the rise. Futarium blockchain based certificate verification is the answer to this. Futarium works with educational institutions to provide blockchain based academic certification.

aim-icon-2 Prevent CV fraud

Many job seekers falsify the CV to match the job requirements. The employers have to spend a lot of time and energy to verify CVs. Futarium blockchain verified CVs can be instantly verified.

aim-icon-3 Provide Validated Documents

Increasing number of counterfeit certificates and the certification marks on counterfeit products is resulting in losses of billions of dollars. Futarium now offers blockchain verified certifications.

How does it work?

  • Futarium verifies the credentials of the awards/ certificates issuing organisations and checks it's awarding authority. Once verified they become a user and are able to upload the certificates and awards on the Futarium system.
  • The Issuing organisation uploads a digital copy of the original award/ certificate on the Futarium system.
  • One or more individuals appointed by the issuing organisation verify the authenticity of the document.
  • Once the process is completed the document id along with the complete process details are uploaded on to the Futarium blockchain.
  • The final document with audit trail and the QR code is kept in the system and is available to signatories and the persons with whom it has been shared.Open verification is a better choice for awards and certifications

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Key benefits

key-icon-1 Efficiency

Blockchain based certification process is efficient and saves time that is lost in verification of paper documents.

key-icon-2 Cost reduction and transparency

Easy uploading and verification process and instant verification cuts costs and losses resulting from false documents and certifications.

benefit-icon-5 Hassle free employment

Futarium verified documents and Certificates and the CV which can be verified instantaneously results in hassle free employment process.

key-icon-4 Accuracy of information

Once the documents have been uploaded to the blockchain, they can be verified easily for accuracy. Any falsification will be instantly recognised by the system.

key-icon-5 Immutable information

Any information saved on blockchain is immutable and cannot be changed without an audit trail of the changes.

key-icon-6 Enhanced reputation

The certification, awards, and documents verified on Futarium can be trusted resulting in enhanced reputation for the organisations.

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